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ERNST, Hans Ulrich & Frank RUDOLPH:

Trilobiten weltweit

Die Welt der Dreilapper und ihr Spiegelbild in der Philatelie

Trilobites worldwide

The World of Trilobites and their Reflection in Philately

2002 [German and English]. – 118 pp., 171 mostly coloured figures, 2 tables
24.5 x 21.3 cm. Hard cover

ISBN 978-3-89937-003-4

Euro 32.00

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This book is intended for both, philatelic interested persons and trilobite collectors as well. It gives an overview of all the stamps, postmarks and postal stationaries issued to date. A photograph and brief description of the morphology of the trilobites featured, together with notes on their distribution are given to explain the philatelic material. We have endeavoured to show on the photograph the exact species represented wherever possible, but when such was not availible, we substituted a closely related species of the same genus.


Dr. med. Hans Ulrich Ernst, born 1949, studied medicine at Cologne and is now senior consultant of a specialized clinic for Orthopädic Rehabilitation. Already as pupil he started collecting stamps and over the years focused on fossil motives. Since several years he builds up a trilobite collection.

Diplom-Biologe Dr. Frank Rudolph, born 1963, studied Zoology and Palaeontology at the University of Kiel. At the moment he mainly deals with cambrian and ordovician trilobites out of debris. Since 1992 he works as scientific publisher and bookseller.

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