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Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters

An international journal for field-orientated ichthyology

Volume 19 Number 1

March, 01 2008
pages 1-96, 49 figs., 27 tabs.

PDF Ng, Heok Hee: Batasio procerus, a new species of catfish from northern Myanmar (Siluriformes: Bagridae) 1-6
PDF Pethiyagoda, Rohan, Maurice Kottelat, Anjana Silva, Kalana Maduwage and Madhava Meegaskumbura: A review of the genus Laubuca in Sri Lanka, with description of three new species (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) 7-26
PDF Kottelat, Maurice and Tan Heok Hui: A synopsis of the genus Lobocheilos in Java, Sumatra and Borneo, with descriptions of six new species (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) 27-58
PDF Kullander Sven O.: Five new species of Puntius from Myanmar (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) 59-84
PDF Costa, Wilson J. E. M.: Rivulus formosensis, a new aplocheiloid killifish from the upper Corrente River drainage, upper Paraná River basin, central Brazil (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae) 85-90
PDF Costa, Wilson J. E. M.: Rivulus giarettai, a new killifish from the Araguari River drainage, upper Paraná River basin, Brazil (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae) 91-95

Volume 19 Number 2

June, 01 2008
pages 97-192, 50 figs., 16 tabs.

PDF Mamonekene, Victor and Emmanuel Vreven: Distichodus teugelsi a new distichodontid from the middle Congo River basin, Africa Characiformes: Distichodontidae) 97-102
PDF Torrente-Vilara, Gislene, Jansen Zuanon, Sidinéia A. Amadio and Carolina R. C. Doria: Biological and ecological characteristics of Roestes molossus (Teleostei: Cynodontidae), a night hunting characiform fish from upper Madeira River, Brazil 103-110
PDF Conway, Kevin W. and Richard L. Mayden: Psilorhynchus breviminor, a new species of psilorhynchid fish from Myanmar (Ostariophysi: Psilorhynchidae) 111-120
PDF De Weirdt, David, Emmanuel Vreven and Yves Fermon: Synodontis ngouniensis, new species (Siluriformes: Mochokidae) from the Ngounié and Nyanga basins, Gabon and Republic of Congo 121-128
PDF Costa, Wilson J. E. M. and Henrique Lazzarotto: Rivulus amanan, a new killifish from the Japurá river drainage, Amazonas river basin, Brazil (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae) 129-134
PDF Costa, Wilson J. E. M.: Rivulus jurubatibensis, a new aplocheiloid killifish from the southeastern Brazilian coastal plains (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae) 135-140
PDF Meegaskumbura, Madhava, Anjana Silva, Kalana Maduwage and Rohan Pethiyagoda: Puntius reval, a new barb from Sri Lanka (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) 141-152
PDF Ng, Heok Hee and Maurice Kottelat: Confirmation of the neotype designation for Tachysurus sinensis La Cepède, 1803 (Teleostei: Bagridae) 153-154
PDF Costa, Wilson J. E. M.: Simpsonichthys longignatus, a new seasonal killifish of the S. flammeus group from the Pacoti River basin, northeastern Brazil (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae) 155-159
PDF Mattos, José L. O., Wilson J. E. M. Costa and Cecile de S. Gama: A new miniature species of Ammoglanis (Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae) from the Brazilian Amazon 161-166
PDF Linthoingambi, Irengbam and Waikhom Vishwanath: Two new catfish species of the genus Amblyceps from Manipur, India (Teleostei: Amblycipitidae) 167-174
PDF Hardman, Michael and Melanie L. J. Stiassny: A sexually dimorphic species of Chrysichthys (Siluriformes: Claroteidae) from Lac Mai-Ndombe, Democratic Republic of the Congo 175-184
PDF Tamang, Lakpa, Shivaji Chaudhry and Dhrupad Choudhury: Erethistoides senkhiensis, a new catfish (Teleostei: Erethistidae) from India 185-191

Volume 19 Number 3

September, 01 2008
pages 193-288, 58 figs., 12 tabs.

PDF Liao, Te-Yu, Chi-Chun Pan and Chyng-Shyan Tzeng: Migration of Sinogastromyzon puliensis (Teleostei: Balitoridae) in the Choshui River, Taiwan 193-200
PDF Pethiyagoda, Rohan, Anjana Silva, Kalana Maduwage and Madhava Meegaskumbura: Puntius kelumi, a new species of cyprinid fish from Sri Lanka (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) 201-214
PDF Conway, Kevin W. and Richard L. Mayden: Description of two new species of Psilorhynchus (Ostariophysi: Psilorhynchidae) and redescription of P. balitora 215-232
PDF Pethiyagoda, Rohan, Anjana Silva and Kalana Maduwage: Mystus ankutta, a new catfish from Sri Lanka (Teleostei: Bagridae) 233-242
PDF Kottelat, Maurice: The correct name of the thinlip mullet (Liza ramada) (Teleostei: Mugilidae) 243-244
PDF Costa; Wilson J. E. M. and Gilberto C. Brasil: Simpsonichthys inaequipinnatus, a new seasonal killifish from the Tocantins River basin, Brazil (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae) 245-248
PDF Kottelat, Maurice: Osteochilus bleekeri, a new species of fish from Borneo and Sumatra (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) 249-253
PDF Ng, Heok Hee: Akysis vespertinus, a new species of catfish from Myanmar (Siluriformes: Akysidae) 255-262
PDF Turan, Davut, Maurice Kottelat and F. Güler Ekmekçi: Capoeta erhani, a new species of cyprinid fish from Ceyhan River, Turkey (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) 263-270
PDF Lujan, Nathan K. and Carine C. Chamon: Two new species of Loricariidae (Teleostei: Siluriformes) from main channels of the upper and middle Amazon Basin, with discussion of deep water specialization in loricariids 271-282
PDF Naseka, Alexander M. and Oleg A. Diripasko: A recent record of an anadromous lamprey (Agnatha: Petromyzontidae) from the Sea of Azov 283-287

Volume 19 Number 4

December, 01 2008
pages 289-384, 61 figs., 7 tabs.

PDF Özulug, Müfit and Jörg Freyhof: Capoeta turani, a new species of barbel from River Seyhan, Turkey (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) 289-296
PDF Costa, Wilson J. E. M.: Redescription of Rivulus bahianus (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae), a killifish from the Atlantic Forest of northeastern Brazil 297-300
PDF Bogutskaya, Nina G., Alexander M. Naseka, Sergei V. Shedko, Ekaterina D. Vasil’eva and Igor A. Chereshnev: The fishes of the Amur River: updated check-list and zoogeography 301-366
PDF Wamuini Lunkayilakio, Soleil, and Emmanuel Vreven: Nannopetersius mutambuei (Characiformes: Alestidae), a new species from the Inkisi River basin, Democratic Republic of Congo 367-376
PDF Ibala Zamba, Armel and Emmanuel Vreven: Rhabdalestes yokai (Characiformes: Alestidae), a new species from the Léfini and Sangha River basins (Congo River basin), Africa 377-384


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