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SPIXIANA – Zeitschrift für Zoologie

Volume 36 (1)

September 2013
pp. 1-160, 25 coloured and 214 black-and-white figures, 8 tables, 5 identification keys

PDF ERMILOV, S. G., D. SANDMANN, F. MARIAN & M. MARAUN: Two new oribatid mite species of the genus Gittella from Ecuador (Acari, Oribatida, Oppiidae) 1-8
PDF ERMILOV, S. G. & W. NIEDBAŁA: Contribution to the knowledge of the oribatid mite fauna of Bolivia, Zambia, Cambodia and Vietnam, with descriptions of two new species (Acari, Oribatida) 9-19
PDF FÖRSTERRA, G., V. HÄUSSERMANN, R. R. MELZER & A. WEIS: A deep water pycnogonid close to the beach: Colossendeis macerrima HOEK, 1881 spotted at 18 m in the Chilean fjords (Chelicerata, Pycnogonida, Colossendeidae) 20
PDF LANGEGGER-WEINBAUER, C. & L. V. SALVINI-PLAWEN: Anatomical redescription of two species of Philinoglossidae (Gastropoda, Cephalaspidea) 21-41
PDF URIBE, R. A., K. NAKAMURA, A. INDACOCHEA, A. S. PACHECO, Y. HOOKER & M. SCHRÖDL: A review on the diversity and distribution of opisthobranch gastropods from Peru, with the addition of three new records (Gastropoda, Heterobranchia) 43-60
PDF FERRARI, R. R., C. SCHLINDWEIN & A. NEMÉSIO: Description of the female Euglossa perpulchra MOURE & SCHLINDWEIN, 2002 and an identification key to the females of the Euglossa decorata SMITH, 1874 species group (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Euglossina) 61-65
PDF HORSTMANN, K.: Revisions of Nearctic Tersilochinae IV. Genus Phradis FÖRSTER (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae) 67-92
PDF PŁÓCIENNIK, M., P. GADAWSKI, D. TEMPELMAN & H. W. RISS: First records from Poland of Glyptotendipes ospeli CONTRERAS-LICHTENBERG & KIKNADZE, 1999 and G. signatus (KIEFFER, 1909) (Diptera, Chironomidae) 93-96
PDF JÄGER-ZÜRN, I., M. SPIES, C. T. PHILBRICK, C. P. BOVE & A. MORA-OLIVO: Plant galls (cecidia) in the neotropical water plant family Podostemaceae induced by larvae of Chironomidae (Diptera) 97-112
PDF WIRTZ, P., A. BRITO, J. M. FALCÓN, R. FREITAS, R. FRICKE, V. MONTEIRO, F. REINER & O. TARICHE: The coastal fishes of the Cape Verde Islands – new records and an annotated check-list (Pisces) 113-142
PDF RAKOTOARISON, A., J. KÖHLER, F. GLAW & M. VENCES: The advertisement call of the relict frog Tsingymantis antitra from Madagascar (Anura, Mantellidae) 143-148
PDF DARILMAZ, M. C., Ü. INCEKARA & R. VAFAEI: Contributions to the knowledge of Iranian Aquatic Adephaga (Coleoptera) 149-152
PDF BAEHR, M.: New species of the genus Pentagonica SCHMIDT-GOEBEL, 1846 from the Oriental Region.
Supplement to “The genus Pentagonica SCHMIDT-GOEBEL in the Oriental, Papuan, and Australian Regions” (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Pentagonicini)

Volume 36 (2)

December 2013
pp. 161-288, 19 coloured and 221 black-and-white figures, 2 tables, 5 identification keys

PDF HÄUSSERMANN, V., G. FÖRSTERRA, R. R. MELZER & R. MEYER: Gradual changes of benthic biodiversity in Comau Fjord, Chilean Patagonia – lateral observations over a decade of taxonomic research 161-171
PDF MIYAHIRA, I. C., M. C. D. MANSUR & S. B. SANTOS: Revision of the type specimens of Diplodon ellipticus and Diplodon expansus (Bivalvia, Unionoida, Hyriidae) 173-182
PDF ANTON, R. F. & M. SCHRÖDL: The “inner values” of an endoparasitic copepod – computer-based 3D-reconstruction of Ismaila aliena (Copepoda, Poecilostomatoida, Splanchnotrophidae) 183-199
PDF ANTON, R. F., A. STEVENSON & E. SCHWABE: Description of a new abyssal copepod associated with the echinoid Sperosoma grimaldii KOEHLER, 1897 (Crustacea & Echinodermata) 201-210
PDF BAEHR, M.: New species and new records of the leleupidiine genus Colasidia BASILEWSKY from the island of Borneo (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Zuphiini, Leleupidiina) 211-221
PDF BAEHR, M.: A new species of the genus Anomotarus CHAUDOIR from Andaman Islands. 4th supplement to the revisions of the genus Anomotarus s. str. (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Lebiini) 223-226
PDF HORSTMANN, K. (†): Revisions of Nearctic Tersilochinae V. Genera Allophroides HORSTMANN and Gelanes HORSTMANN (partim) (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae) 227-261
PDF SCHMIDT, S.: In memoriam Klaus Horstmann (1938-2013) 263-264
PDF BÖRZSÖNY, L.: Polythore koepckei spec. nov. from the Sira Mountains in Peru with remarks on related species (Odonata, Zygoptera, Polythoridae) 265-268
PDF WEGENER, J. E., S. SWOBODA, O. HAWLITSCHEK, M. FRANZEN, V. WALLACH, M. VENCES, Z. T. NAGY, S. B. HEDGES, J. KÖHLER & F. GLAW: Morphological variation and taxonomic reassessment of the endemic Malagasy blind snake family Xenotyphlopidae (Serpentes, Scolecophidia) 269-282
PDF BALKE, M., E. WARIKAR, E. F. A. TOUSSAINT & L. HENDRICH: Papuadessus baueri spec. nov. from Biak Island, Papua (Coleoptera, Dytiscidae, Hydroporinae) 283-288

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