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Microfauna Marina

Volume 4 (1988)

494 pp.

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Contributors 7
Foreword 9
Preface 10
STORCH, Volker: Integument 13
GARDINER, Stephen L.: Respiratory and Feeding Appendages 37
SPECHT, Annette: Chaetae 45
GAILL, Francoise & Stephen HUNT: Tubes 61
LANZAVECCHIA, Guölio, Magda DE EGUILEOR & Roberto VALVASSORI: Muscles 71
DHAINAUT-COURTOIS, Nicole & David W. GOLDING: Nervous System 99
PFANNENSTIEL, Hand-Dieter & CLAUDIA GROTHE: Neurosecretory Elements 111
STORCH, Volker & Ursula SCHLÖTZER-SCHREHARDT: Sensory Structures 121
EAKIN, Richard M. & Colin O. HERMANS: Eyes 135
MICHEL, Catherine: Intestine and Digestive Glands 157
PURRSCHKE, Günter: Pharynx 177
FRANSEN, Margaret E.: Coelomic and Vascular Systems 199
DHAINAUT, André & Eliane PORCHET-HENNERÉ: Haemocytes and Coelomocytes 215
SMITH, Peter R. & Edward E. RUPPERT: Nephridia 231
WESTHEIDE, Wilfried: Genital Organs 263
ECKELBARGER, Kevin J.: Oogenesis and Female Gametes 281
FRANZÉN, Åke & Stanley A. RICE: Spermatogenesis,Male Gametes and Gamete Interactions 309
DORRESTEIJN, Adriaan W. C. & Albrecht FISCHER: The Process of Early Development 335
HEIMLER, Wolfgang: Larvae 353
RIEGER, Reinhard M.: Comparative Ultrastructure and the Lobatocerebridae: Keys to understand the Phylogenetic Relationship of Annelida and the Acoelomates 373
SALVINI-PLAWEN, Luitfried von: Annelida and Mollusca – a Prospectus 383
JAMIESON, Barrie G. M.: Oligochaete Ultrastructure: Some Comparisons with the Polychaeta 397
Literature 429
Index of Subjects 484
Index of Genera and Species 490


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