SPIXIANA – Zeitschrift für Zoologie

Band 32, Heft 1

August 2009
S. 1-160, 52 Schwarzweißabbildungen, 5 Tabellen, 3 Bestimmungsschlüssel

PDF MELZER, R. R. & S. SCHMIDT: Editorial – Evolution of communication – knowledge transfer in Darwin’s times 1-2
PDF HÄUSSERMANN, V., M. N. DAWSON & G. FÖRSTERRA: First record of the moon jellyfish, Aurelia for Chile (Scyphozoa: Semaeostomeae) 3-7
PDF MONTOYA BRAVO, M. F., H.-G. MÜLLER, C. P. ARANGO, P. TIGREROS & R. R. MELZER: Morphology of shallow-water sea spiders from the Colombian Caribbean (Arthropoda: Pycnogonida) 9-34
PDF KONTSCHÁN, J.: Rotundabaloghia browni spec. nov., a new uropodine mite from Ivory Coast (Acari, Mesostigmata, Uropodina, Uropodidae) 35-38
PDF BAEHR, M.: A new species of the genus Adelotopus Hope from the Moluccas. With new records of some New Guinean species of Sphallomorpha WESTWOOD. 10th Supplement to the “Revision of the Pseudomorphinae of the Australian Region” (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Pseudomorphinae) 39-43
PDF HORSTMANN, K.: Revision of the western Palearctic species of Dusona CAMERON (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Campopleginae) 45-110
PDF SCHMIDT, O.: Taxonomic notes on the genus Visiana SWINHOE, with description of a new species from northern India (Lepidoptera, Geometridae, Larentiinae) 111-116
PDF HAUSMANN, A. (ed.): Proceedings of the fifth FORUM HERBULOT 2008 – Global strategies for plotting geometrid biodiversity in web-based databases Munich, ZSM, 24-28 June 2008) 117-138
PDF HAUSMANN, A., J. D. HOLLOWAY, M. SCOBLE, M. SOMMERER & C. J. YOUNG: Short Report and Results 117-119
PDF Philippe DARGE: Memories of CLAUDE HERBULOT 119-121
Abstracts and brief versions of the talks of the Seminar Session
PDF SIHVONEN, P.: Taxonomic research: perspective from a research funding organisation 121
PDF HOLLOWAY, J. D., S. E. MILLER, D. M. POLLOCK, L. HELGEN & K. DARROW: GONGED (Geometridae of New Guinea Electronic Database): a progress report on development of an online facility of images 122-123
PDF STAUDE, H. S.: Distributing Lepidops© – A test case for sharing virtual museums and other data 123
PDF LÖBEL, H.: The illustrated html-database ‘Geometrid Moths of Australia’ as a model for the cooperation project of the ZSM ‘Geometridae mundi’ 124
PDF SCOBLE, M. J. & I. J. KITCHING: Creating a Taxonomic E-Science (CATE) 125
PDF HAUSMANN, A.: Hunting for Gondwanaland relicts: the Geometridae of the Nothofagus forests of Tasmania and Chile 125-126
PDF LEWIS, D.: Revision of the genus Cyllopoda 126
PDF GARLACZ, R. & J. WOJTUSIAK: Diversity of Lepidoptera in the Andean cloud forest of Ecuador with special reference to the family Geometridae and Noctuidae – a research project of the Zoological Museum Jagiellonian University, Krakow in 2002-2005 126-127
PDF PARRA, L. E.: Diversity of Geometridae of Chile with presentation of some particular cases and examples 127-129
PDF HEBERT, P. D. N.: The International Barcode of Life Project (iBOL) 129
PDF ROUGERIE, R., J. HAXAIRE, I. J. KITCHING, T. VAGLIA, P. BASQUIN, R. BRECHLIN, P. DARGE, U. EITSCHBERGER, T. MELICHAR, J. PIERRE & P. D. N. HEBERT: Global DNA barcoding campaigns in Lepidoptera: lessons from sphingid moths 129-130
PDF DEWAARD, J. R. & L. M. HUMBLE: DNA barcodes and monitoring forest health 130
PDF ÕUNAP, E., V. MIRONOV & J. VIIDALEPP: On the systematic position and molecular phylogeny of Lythria Hübner (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Sterrhinae) 130-131
PDF STRUTZENBERGER, P., G. BREHM, F. BODNER, M. ZIMMERMANN, M. WIEMERS & K. FIEDLER: DNA barcoding and molecular phylogeny of Eois moths (Geometridae) from southern Ecuador 131
PDF CAN, F. & A. HAUSMANN: A new Turkish Scopula species, synthesis of morphological and molecular data 132
PDF YAMAMOTO, S. & T. SOTA: Molecular phylogeny of Geometridae and the evolution of winter moths 132
PDF LÉVÊQUE, A.: Phylogeny of the subfamily of Ennominae (Lepidoptera, Geometridae): study of the tribes based on both morphological and molecular approaches 133
PDF BELJAEV, E. A.: Phylogenetic relationships of the geometroid lepidopterans (Lepidoptera: Cimeliidae, Epicopeiidae, Sematuridae, Drepanidae, Uraniidae, Geometridae) 134-136
PDF YOUNG, C. J.: Evolutionary Relationships within the Australian Geometrinae – Research Update 136
PDF GALSWORTHY, A. C. & V. MIRONOV: Short report on the working progress on the systematics of the tribe Eupitheciini 137
PDF HONGXIANG HAN & DAYONG XUE: The geometrine moths of China 137-138
PDF CHUNGUANG WU, HONGXIANG HAN & DAYONG XUE: A study on the Genus Glaucorhoe HERBULOT, with descriptions of two new species from China (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Larentiinae) 138
PDF JASCHHOF, M.: Eine aktualisierte Artenliste der Holzmücken Deutschlands, unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Fauna Bayerns (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae, Lestremiinae) 139-151
PDF OTTONI, F. P. & M. M. CHEFFE: A new species of Australoheros from the upper rio das Antas, laguna dos Patos System, southern Brazil (Labroidei, Cichlidae, Cichlasomatinae) 153-159

Band 32, Heft 2

November 2009
S. 161-288, 7 Farb- und 103 Schwarzweißabbildungen, 9 Tabellen, 13 Bestimmungsschlüssel

PDF HAUSMANN, A., M. SOMMERER, R. ROUGERIE & P. HEBERT: Hypobapta tachyhalotaria spec. nov. from Tasmania – an example of a new species revealed by DNA barcoding (Lepidoptera, Geometridae) 161-166
PDF LAURETTA, D., V. HÄUSSERMANN & P. E. PENCHASZADEH: Re-description of Parabunodactis imperfecta ZAMPONI & ACUÑA, 1992 from the Patagonian Argentinean coast (Anthozoa, Actiniaria) 167-172
PDF LAGGER, C., V. HÄUSSERMANN, G. FÖRSTERRA & M. TATIÁN: Ascidians from the southern Chilean Comau Fjord (Chordata, Ascidiacea) 173-185
PDF KOTRBA, M.: Prosphyracephala kerneggeri spec. nov. – a new stalk-eyed fly from Baltic amber (Diptera, Diopsidae) 187-192
PDF JOHANSON, K. A. & J. OLÁH: Description of three new species of caddisflies from the Fianarantsoa Province, Madagascar (Insecta, Trichoptera) 193-200
PDF BAEHR, M.: New genera and species and new records of odacanthine carabid beetles from the Australian, Papuan, and Oriental Regions (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Odacanthini) 201-229
PDF BAEHR, M.: New and rare species of the pseudomorphine genera Sphallomorpha WESTWOOD, Adelotopus HOPE, and Pseudomorpha KIRBY mainly from far Northern Territory, Australia (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Pseudomorphinae) 12th supplement to the “Revision of the Pseudomorphinae of the Australian Region” 231-253
PDF DE PINHO, L. C., H. F. MENDES & T. ANDERSEN: New species and records of Beardius REISS & SUBLETTE from Brazil (Diptera, Chironomidae) 255-264
PDF GONZÁLEZ-FERNÁNDEZ, J. E., T. GARCÍA-DÍEZ & L. SAN SEGUNDO: The amphibian type specimens preserved in the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (CSIC) of Madrid, Spain (Amphibia) 265-283
PDF KRAFT, R. & B. KRYSTUFEK: Rediscovery of the holotype skull of the garden dormouse, Eliomys melanurus (WAGNER) (Mammalia, Rodentia, Gliridae) 285-287



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